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Skin Pores and Body Temperature Control There are numerous pores in the human skin which have the ability to expand and contract. Body temperature is controlled through these pores. Pore Expansion for Heat Release If the aim is to reduce the body temperature, these pores automatically expand, which allows the heat to be better removed from the body, and the fresh air of the environment enters the skin and affects it. Therefore, in the summer season, the pores of the skin open to release sweat.

The Role of Sweat Glands

There are many tiny glands in the skin that are responsible for excreting sweat. These glands are most abundant on the palms and soles of the feet. According to a careful analysis, the total number of sebaceous glands on the human skin is about two and a half lakh, and they vary in shape and structure.

Significance of Sweat

Sweat is of great importance to the human skin; it is a means of maintaining body temperature as well as excreting waste products from the body.

Types of Sweat

After various investigations, It has been found that there are three types of sweat:

  1. Normal Sweat (Insensible Sweat): Usually released during dry and cold weather.
  2. Felt Sweat: Clearly felt by a person and can be easily seen on different parts of the body.
  3. Suffocating Sweat: Released in large quantities in hot weather, causing discomfort.

Sweat and Urine Relationship

It should be noted that when sweat is released in large quantities in hot weather, the amount of urine decreases, while in cold weather, when sweat is not released or is minimal, urine production increases.

Human body temperature in Celsius Fahrenheit

Human ConditionTemperature (Centigrade)Temperature (Fahrenheit)
Normal Human Temperature3697
Mild Fever or Normal Temperature37.7100
Chills, Shivering3595
Pulse Rate Drops3493.2
Semi-Anesthesia (Drowsiness)3086
Hypothermia (Increased Pulse Rate)41106

It is important to take care of the skin surface and the cleanliness of the sweat pores in every season. If this matter is neglected, the pores become blocked and cause not only the ugliness of the skin, but also the body starts smelling bad. Drinking habits and therefore related to other diseases

Homeopathic medicines are described below:

For this disorder the following medicines are used as per the symptoms very soon
Healing occurs:

SWEATArsenic Album 200

The patient’s face is blue and cold sweat profuse, accompanied by great anxiety and restlessness. Extreme time in breathing accompanied by a feeling of suffocation. Chest strapped or something tied with an iron single.

Aconite 200 (Aconitum Nap)

If any disease is caused due to cold and dry wind or suppression of sweat, this medicine shows immediate effect. In the patient of this drug, anxiety and restlessness of the heart, fear of death, high fever, dryness of the body, headache and fast pulse are found.

Aloes – 30, 200-1000 (1000, 200, 30-Aloees)

A patient of this medicine sweats profusely and feels nauseous. Along with many other gastrointestinal disorders, gas is released with heartburn.

Acetic acid. 30-200-1000 (200,000-30-Acetic Acid)

The patient has severe burning thirst, dryness of the lips with thirst. Cold sweat on the forehead – the patient suffers from cold drinks.

Atom Tart 20 (Antimonium Tart)

The patient got chills and cold sweat. Legs feel dangling i.e. feel heavy.


If there is severe itching between the thighs and this area peels off by walking, this medicine should be given. It should be noted that if the patient is sweating profusely with this symptom, these two doses should be given.

Apomorphia (30-Apomorphya)

It is a useful medicine if there is nausea, lethargy and profuse sweating before this. Resin in the mouth
The amount of phlegm increases and the head becomes dizzy.

Hip T-Shia. 20030 (30,200-Baptisia)

In the patient there is an overwhelming feeling of intoxicated. The face becomes swollen and purple in color. All human excreta (breath, feces, urine, and sweat) are foul-smelling.

Ponia. 30 (30-Paeonia)

Patients on this drug develop a foul-smelling sweat at the seams. During and after defecation
There is excruciating pain.

Thuja 200 (200-Thuja)

The patient of this medicine has profuse sweating before menstruation. If the patient drinks loudly during menstruation, this medicine should be taken. That is why walking aggravates the pain
The patient is lying or sitting all the time.

Tellurium 30

There is profuse perspiration from the whole body and if the smell of the sister comes from drinking, it is much faster than giving the medicine
Healing takes place. It is a useful medicine for acute diseases.

Chininum Sulph (30 Chininum Sulph)

In the patient of this medicine, the attacks of shivering usually occur between 10:00 and 11:00 in the day and from 3:00 to 10:00 in the evening. The patient of this medicine sweats profusely.

Rahta Kis 200 Rhus Tox)

Sudden drenching or chills after sweating after work i.e. exposure to wind
It is a useful medicine if there is any disorder.

Sulfur 200 (200-Sulfur)

It is a useful remedy for foul-smelling sweat, accompanied by heat waves in the patient’s body and severe burning sensation on the soles of the feet. They are caused by pimples or sweat on the skin
It is a useful medicine.

Sai Kyuta. 200 Cicuta Virosa)

It is a useful medicine for excessive sweating with fever and headache.

C. Pia 20030 (30,200-Sepia)

Inflammation of the testicles with coldness of the genitals and foul-smelling sweat, this medicine giving solves the problem.

Spongia. 20030 (30,200-Spongia)

If the patient has shortness of breath and profuse sweating, this medicine improves. The patient feels as if all the blood is rushing to the head and the skull will burst from the pool of blood. The patient died in the middle of the night due to suffocation and pain If he wakes up, this medicine should be given.

Silicea – 200 (Silecea-200x)

If the child urinates during stool and is unable to pass it with perspiration on the head, this medicine should be given 2007 or one dose in 1000x strength and wait for the results.

Phytolocca 200 (Phytolocca)

The severity of fever, during which there is profuse sweating, is very quickly relieved by administration of this medicine. It is a useful medicine for children who have foot problems. some days to be used continuously.

Calcarea Carb 200

Calcarea Carb is a useful medicine for children who sweat profusely on the head and neck during sleep. Such persons who have symptoms of heart attack, anxiety, irritability, weakness of memory, despair during fainting and heartbreak and if they sweat profusely, this medicine should be given.

Lord of Kali 1000,200,30 (1000 Kali Carb-30 

Profuse sweating is a useful remedy for back pain and weakness. The patient has nausea and bloating.

Q. Perm Met. 20030 (30,200-Cuprum Met)

This medicine is useful if menstruation stops due to sweating of the feet. The patient in the chest and abdomen
Severe convulsions, frequent nausea and vomiting.

Graphite’s. 200 (200-Graphites)

If there is a feeling of coldness in the legs after intercourse and sweating after intercourse, such the medicine is useful in symptoms.

Merck Year 30 Mera Sol)

In the case of fever, the patient sweats profusely, but the fever does not decrease in any way. The patient has cold sweats. Most often the patient suffers from dysentery with which
Fever may also occur. Body sweat when straining for stool.

Veretrum Veride – 20030

(Veretrum Veride) This medicine is useful when there is a lot of cold sweat on the forehead and the patient is in a state of depression due to the severity of the pain. The patient has cold sweat on the forehead while defecating. The patient of this medicine is very thirsty for cold water.

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