Vitiligo Cause Symptoms and Treatment


Leucoderma Vitiligo | Cause | Symptoms | Treatment Vitiligo: A Skin Condition White spot which is called in English language Viti Lego in Urdu Labhaq and in common language White Spot. Understanding Leukoderma Leukoderma is a form of acne. Due to lack of familiarity, many people consider this disease i.e. leprosy to be similar to

Eczema Symptoms, Classification And Treatment

    Eczema | Symptoms | Classification of Eczema | Treatment for Eczema Eczema (Atopic Dermatitis) is a long-lasting condition that is often characterized by recurring episodes. It is well-known as a disease that affects the skin, leading to the formation of lesions on the skin of affected individuals. This condition is usually associated with

Dark Circles Around the Eyes Comprehensive Guide

dark circle

 Dark Circles | Causes | Treatment | Dosage Introduction: The presence of dark circles around the eyes significantly impacts a person’s facial beauty. The delicate skin around the eyes is prone to showing signs of any underlying health problems or stress a person may be experiencing. It is often said that the eyes are a

10 Causes of Lower Back Pain Comprehensive Guide

Lower Back Pain There are countless reasons for lower back pain, including factors like nerve tension, heavy physical work, and excess weight on the lower back. The effects of these factors gradually become apparent over time. In addition, physical changes during adolescence, changes in the alignment of the spinal bones, psychological or physical conditions, hereditary

Mystery of Gallstones: Causes, Symptoms, and Management


        Gallstones | Causes | Symptoms | Treatment Gallstones, Imagine experiencing sudden, excruciating pain in your upper abdomen, often radiating to your back, accompanied by nausea and vomiting. These symptoms can be your body’s way of signaling a potential gallstone problem. Gallstones, though small in size, can lead to significant discomfort and

Triglycerides: Cause Symptoms A Comprehensive Guide


  Triglycerides | Risk Factors | Causes | Medication In the world of health and wellness, one term that often surfaces is “triglycerides.” You may have come across this word during a visit to the doctor’s office, in a nutrition discussion, or while researching ways to lead a heart-healthy lifestyle. Triglycerides are an essential component

(BPPV) Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo


       BPPV  |  Causes and Risk  |  Symptoms  |  Medication Management Imagine suddenly experiencing intense dizziness and a spinning sensation when you change positions, such as when you roll over in bed or stand up quickly. For millions of individuals worldwide, this is a reality due to a condition known as Benign Paroxysmal